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Application Procedures for Admission to the Faculty of Theology and Religious Studies

All students applying for admission to the
Theology Programmes in English MUST apply ONLINE

The official deadline set by KU Leuven for applications is
between November 1 and March 1 (Non-EU)/June 1 (EU).

Please follow the instructions and different steps on the webpage ( carefully:

- Step 1: Request and activate your guest account

- Step 2: Download the application form

If you experience technical problems with the application form or the guest account, you NEED to contact the International Admissions and Mobility Unit for assistance.

- Step 3: Sending the application form

ATTENTION! Sending the application form is only possible when connected to the internet!
Candidates interested in applying to the Faculty's financial assistance programme, can add a financial application to the application for admission.

- Step 4: Payment of application fee

For each application submitted as from Tuesday 27 January 2015, an application processing fee of EUR 50 (excluding any possible bank transfer fees) is required. This amount is non-refundable. Please upload the proof of payment as an attachment. Applicants for the doctoral programmes do not have to pay the application fee.

- Step 5: Upload of attachments - overview of the requested documents

After submitting your application form and after receiving the automatic confirmation e-mail that your application form has been loaded successfully into our database, you ! MUST ! upload all requested documents as extra attachments in PDF format. Applications without the required uploaded documents will NOT be processed and will be deleted after one month.

1. A copy of your diplomas and transcripts of academic records of all course work beyond secondary school. Academic records must show the dates of enrolment, all subjects or courses, units, credits or hours, and grades in each subject, as well as the overall result and the rank in class. Candidates must also submit official evidence of the conferral of all degrees, diplomas, or professional titles and the date of the formal conferral (month and year). All documents should be certified as true and original by either the educational institution that issued them or by the local Belgian diplomatic office. Photocopies and faxes are not accepted. Please add a document explaining the grading system of your country (i.e. comparing the grades to numeric score). If you still need to complete your studies at the time of application, please send intermediate transcripts along with your application. Please do note that your final transcripts will have to be submitted upon enrolment.

2. Translation of your diploma and official transcripts
If your documents are not in English, Dutch, French, German, Italian or Spanish, please arrange for these documents to be translated by a registered translator. These documents must be also be certified by the educational institution that issued them or by a Belgian diplomatic office.

3. All non-native English applicants (applicants who are not citizens of Australia, English-speaking Canada, Ireland, New Zealand, the United Kingdom and the United States of America or who have not obtained a previous diploma in one of those countries) must submit a certificate proving their proficiency in English. The tests accepted by KU Leuven are TOEFL certificate sent by ETS, an IELTS certificate sent by The British Council. Only original score cards sent directly by either ETS or The British Council are accepted.
- ETS: please use university code 0749 and, if required, department code 99
- The British Council: please request the score card to be sent to the International Admisisons and Mobility Unit, International Office, KU Leuven

4. A passport photograph and a photocopy of the identity page of your passport

5. Three letters of recommendation are required. Each letter has to be written by an academic person who is familiar with the candidate's academic work and ambitions. Clerics and religious must include a letter from their Bishop or Provincial Superior stating permission to study in Leuven and with an indication of the student's tasks after graduation in Leuven. The KU Leuven requests that letters of recommendation be sent in sealed envelopes by the reference persons themselves to the
KU Leuven
Naamsestraat 63 – box 5410
3000 Leuven

However, to speed up the application process we advise that copies of the letters of recommendation are also uploaded in addition to sending the originals by post in sealed envelopes.

6. Candidates are to provide a sample of their best written work in theology, religion or human sciences.

7. Candidates are to provide a letter of motivation indicating why studies at the Faculty suit their needs and interests.

8. Candidates are to provide a c.v.

9. Candidates for the Doctoral Programme in Theology must submit a doctoral project proposal on the standard form.

10. Applicants who intend to come to KU Leuven with an external scholarship are requested to upload any proof or attestation of such a scholarship from the granting institution or organisation.

Once your application has been processed by the International Admissions and Mobility Unit of the KU Leuven, it will be forwarded to the Faculty's Admissions Committee for assessment.

- Step 6: Mailing the certified copies of diplomas and transcripts

- Step 7: Follow-up of your file

You can follow up the status of your application as soon as you have successfully uploaded your application form and your attachments.

- Step 8: Acceptance of admission offer

As soon as a decision has been taken concerning your application, the status will change into 'Admitted' or 'Rejected'. You will receive a confirmation of the decision via email. You first need to accept the offer before the official letter of admission will be posted.

- Step 9: Pre-registration

A pre-registration is done automatically on your name with all your data when you accept the offer. With your pre-registration saved, your actual registration or enrolment at the Registrar's Office when you arrive in Leuven or in the campus outside Leuven can be completed in a much shorter time.

- Step 10: Registration at KU Leuven

After your arrival (what to do upon arrival) at Leuven, you will need to pass by the International Office of the KU Leuven first and show all obtained original post-secondary diplomas:
International Office, KU Leuven
International Admissions and Mobility Unit
Naamsestraat 63
3000 Leuven - Belgium

Afterwards you can proceed to the Registrar's Office to confirm your registration and obtain your student card:
Registrar's Office, KU Leuven
University Hall
Naamsestraat 22
3000 Leuven



  • Once your application is complete, it will be first credentially evaluated and processed by the KU Leuven International Admissions and Mobility Unit before being forwarded to the Faculty of Theology and Religious Studies for academic review by the Faculty’s Admissions Committee. After the academic review by the Faculty, a recommendation will be submitted by the Faculty to the International Admissions and Mobility Unit. There your application and the Faculty's recommendation will be further evaluated. Upon final approval, you will receive a offer of admission by e-mail from the International Admissions and Mobility Unit.
  • Please note that your application will only be processed by the KU Leuven International Admissions and Mobility Unit if you have paid the application fee of € 50 and have uploaded a proof of payment with your application. This application fee is non-refundable in case of a negative decision. In case your application is admitted the application fee of € 50 will not be deducted from the regular tuition fee.
  • As of 2015-2016 the official admission letters are issued by the KU Leuven International Admissions and Mobility Unit in pdf version and hard copies will no longer be made available.

 If you have any questions, please feel free to contact:

In case of a technical problem with regard to the application form or the guest account, please feel contact the International Admissions and Mobility Unit of the KU Leuven, and NOT the Faculty.