BETH is an ecumenical association of European national theological library organizations as well as single libraries. It has a membership of nearly 1500 libraries, spreading from north to south, east to west of Europe.
BETH builds networks and establishes contacts, supports and promotes cooperation, stimulates library development, serves the interests of European theological libraries and works for the preservation of the rich cultural patrimony found in the theological and ecclesiastical libraries of Europe.

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In memoriam Dennis A. Norlin

It is with great sadness that I report that Dr. Dennis A. Norlin, retired ATLA Executive Director, passed away on Friday, June 7, after a serious illness.
Please join me in offering his family and friends our sincerest condolences during this time.
During his  fifteen-year tenure, ATLA grew to include nearly 1,000 members and the provision of many programs, products, and services in support of theological and religious studies libraries and librarians.  Dennis made many valuable contributions to ATLA including overseeing the creation and growth of many ATLA products, developing relationships locally, regionally and internationally with many publishing and information partners, supporting initiatives to preserve endangered religious and theological materials, and mentoring members and staff and helping them grow in their careers.For his memorial, please visit http://atlaremembers.wordpress.com/2013/06/08/in-memoriam-dr-dennis-a-norlin/ .If you would like to share photos or personal memories, please feel free to e-mail memberrep@atla.com
Brenda Bailey-Hainer, Executive Director
American Theological Library Association
Only May 30, Dennis commented on the In memoriam of André Geuns

I first met Andre at the American Theological Library Conference in Denver in 1996. It is the conference where I was appointed Executive Director of ATLA (1996-2010), and Andre had come to make contact with ATLA and invite us to meet with him and other European leaders at BETH (known then as the Conseil). This followed a visit by John Bollier, long-time ATLA member who was Director of Development at ATLA when he visited Europe and Andre the year before. Andre was gracious and welcoming of ATLA’s presence at the Conseil meeting the next year, and I traveled to Koln for my first visit with the Conseil. Through the years Andre attended ATLA’s conference a number of times (bringing his son to our conference in Chicago), and I traveled to many locales in Europe to represent ATLA at BETH meetings. There was good will on from both sides in these meetings, and Andre was always a gracious and thoughtful host. I continue to count him a good friend whose presence will be sorely missed on both sides of the Atlantic. I pray for God’s blessings for his family and loved ones.

Dennis Norlin, past Executive Director of ATLA

1998: Theological libraries, an overview – by André Geuns

André Geuns, who passed from this life on 26 May 2013, was one of the founding fathers and a true driving force in BETH for many years.

In 1998 he wrote an article about theological libraries, together with Barbara Wolf-Dahm, about  the history and activities of the International Council of Associations of Theological Libraries (now known as BETH). You’ll find the article here.

In 1990 he took leave from his job as librarian from the library of the Theological Faculty in Tilburg, Netherlands. His speech was recorded (in Dutch).

In memoriam Andre Geuns

Dr. Andre Geuns (26/05/2013) †

Andre Geuns, worked in the Netherlands, lived in Rome and born in Belgium, I knew him well. As librarian of the Theological Faculty of Tilburg he was the collegue proximus. As president of the Association for Theological Bibliothecariaat in the Netherlands (VTB) and successor to Dr.. Rudolf van Dijck (o.carm.), he has always very welcoming to me at our many meetings with the VTB.

Andre was well liked and respected by the first presidents of the Conseil International des associations de bibliothèques de théologie (International Council of theological library Associations), ie Father JFH Ooms (O.F.M.) and Father H. Morlion (SJ) and the editor of the “Clavis foliorum periodicorum” and “Guide of the Theological Libraries in Flanders and the Netherlands”, Willem Audenaert (O. Carm.) with whom he worked. During his time at Tilburg, he was responsible for many important projects: building a large faculty library, introducing a restoration program for rare books, publishing several exhibition catalogues, integration of deposit collections etc.

As president (1989-2002) of the “Conseil”, (later named BETH), he ensured that BETH focused its attention on Eastern Europe and to the important contacts with ATLA (American Theological Library Association). Thanks to him BETH now works on a wider European and international platform. I have fond memories of our general meetings in Paris, Strasbourg, Krakow, Panonhalma, Vienna etc. but especially in Rome, where very interesting contacts were made with colleagues from across Europe and the USA. As president he only missed one Assembly, Salamanca, due to illness.

I also met him regularly when he came to the Leuven University Hospital  for treatment for his illness, which sadly in the end defeated him.


Requiescat in pace cum sanctis

Etienne D’Hondt

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