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Limo Search Tips

  • Do you know the title of the book that you wish to consult? Enter only the words from the title in the search box, preferably in the correct order.  Adding the name of the author will complicate your search.
  • You can refine your search results by selecting the filters listed beneath "Limit My Results" / "Refine My Results" in the left-hand column. The applied filter(s) will then appear below the search box and can be removed by clicking the on the corresponding X.
  • Keep in mind that the filters which appear in the left-hand column are derived from the first 200 results only.
  • If you are seeking results from the library catalogue, then select the filter labelled 'Physical Items'. Please keep in mind that online journals and databases previously found in the LIBIS Catalogue will not appear on this list.
  • Some important theological databases cannot be consulted via LIMO. Click on the links below to directly access these databases:

For more information about LIMO, please consult the University Library website.


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