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Study and Documentation Centre "Capuchins in the Low Countries"
Friary at Leuven
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1. General Archives

The Archivio Generale in Rome. The historical archive is kept in the Collegio Internazionale di San Lorenzo da Brindisi (consultable until 1946). The archives of the last 15 years are kept in the Curia Generalizia at Rome.

A detailed list of archival documents relating to the Capuchins in the Low Countries during the Ancien régime has been made in 2014. You can freely consult this here.

2. Provincial Archives



2.1. Flemish Province (A.C.B.)


  1. Old documents (cf. supra)
  2. Modern archive
  3. Literary sources and manuscripts (cf. supra)
  4. Capuchinesses
  5. Odd pieces
  6. Personalia
  7. Documents of unusual size
  8. Films and (gramophone) records

2.2. Dutch Province (A.C.H.)


  1. Generalia
  2. Provincialia
  3. Conventualia
  4. Personalia
  5. Missionalia

2.3. Research of the Capuchins in the Low Countries in other provincial archives of the Capuchins 





1. In 2005 the Flemish Capuchins decided to transfer their collection of publications and manuscripts about the Order in the Low Countries to the Catholic University of Leuven (Maurits Sabbe library). These books can now be searched via the online catalogue of the University.

  • Inventory A.C.B., Section III : manuscripts
    Manuscripts were stored in the Provincial library of the Flemish Capuchins under the heading A.C.B., Section III.
  • Inventory A.C.B., Section I : old documents
    It was customary to store the less voluminous publications and manuscripts in A.C.B, Section I. Because the signatures of these manuscripts were frequently used in publications of and about the Capuchins, the decision was made to retain the existing catalogue and to make it available on the internet. Thes inventory is quite extensive (ca. 400 p., 2.1 MB), but worth accessing, because gradually links will be established between the items of this inventory and the digitized version of the archival documents listed.  

2. The provincial library of the Dutch Capuchins at ‘s-Hertogenbosch

3. For the consultation of publications from and about the order in other Capuchin libraries  click here. [29 libraries participated in this project.]
Important collections of the Capuchins in the Low Countries are :