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The Centre for Liberation Theologies develops and carries out research projects concerning contemporary issues in liberation and contextual theologies. From a theological perspective, it studies various economic, social, political, and cultural developments on the international scene. It also examines the interaction between the so-called First and Two-Thirds Worlds with regard to these global movements. The centre hosts the Forum for Liberation Theologies - a monthly reflection and discussion-based gathering on pertinent social issues from interdisciplinary and liberationist perspectives. It also seeks to establish international contacts and collaborative links with other centres and research institutes pursuing similar goals. Finally, the Centre for Liberation Theologies commits itself to concrete actions of advocacy, in support of persons and causes dedicated to the ideals of justice and peace, solidarity and community, integral well-being and salvation. Concretely, the centre focuses on five main topics in its research: Liberation Theologies, Global issues (containing environment, economy, politics, and globalization), Migration, Queer/Feminist Theologies, and the issue of  (philosophical) mediations for Liberation Theologies.

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Students preparing a master thesis or a doctoral dissertation with a focus on liberation theologies can become temporary members of the centre during the period of their research at the KU Leuven. It is sufficient to communicate their interest to the coordinator.

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Forum for Liberation Theologies: Upcoming Forums
  • Thursday, October 24th, 2013: Malik J. Muhammed, "'Across the River': Space, Hermeneutics, and Urban Theology"
  • WEDNESDAY, November 13th, 2013: Erik Mathijs (Bio-economics), "Strategies for the Eradication of Hunger in the World"
  • Thursday, December 19th, 2012: Johan Vandenbossche, "'Let Us Change': Working with Street Children in Ethiopia" (www.letuschange.be)
  • Thursday, March 20th, 2014: Rik Torfs, "Liberation and the Victims of Contemporary Research Management Culture at our University"
  • Thursday, May 15th, 2014: Jose Maria Sison, "The New Democratic Revolution through Protracted People's War in the Philippines" 

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  • From 2012 onwards, the Centre for Liberation Theologies intends to publish a newsletter three times a year. This newsletter will be widely distributed amongst all who are interested. It will contain information about the activities of the centre, recent website updates, as well as the announcement of interesting activities and initiatives on liberation theologies worldwide. We also wish to add a review section, in which readers can publish a review on a recently published book or on an article concerning liberation theologies. All reviews and announcements can be sent to Dr. Kristien Justaert (Kristien.Justaert@theo.kuleuven.be).
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  • Versions of all our newsletters in .pdf format can be accessed here:
  • Newsletter archives can be accessed here
  • In each newsletter, we interview a someone engaged in liberation theology. Here you can find direct links to those interviews:

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In the course of its existence, the Forum for Liberation Theologies has welcomed numerous internationally renowned theologians, scientists, and workers in the field to speak at its regular meetings. It has participated in many activities, ranging from conferences to processions. Many of the insights gained in the process have been taken up in its annual reports that sometimes range to over thirty pages. As a result, this archive provides a prime resource, not only to witness the always contemporarily-relevant activities of the Forum, but also to encounter many of the most important liberation theologians and theologies from all over the world. One finds relevant insights from the vast field of liberation theologies on pressing issues such as globalisation, migration, climate change, violence, terrorism, women's issues, indigenous theologies, interreligious dialogue, decolonisation, etc.


Conference in Celebration of the 25th Anniversary of the CLT: Unbearable Poverties: The Future of Liberation Theology. Leuven, 9-10 December 2013.


Click on the image to view a report of the conference made by the Belgian television (interviews with Jacques Haers and Michel Coppin (Missio) - in Dutch)!


We also provide the archives for Equipe Itinerante in Amazonia on our website. These can be accessed by clicking on the logo below:

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