The Colloquium Biblicum Lovaniense

The Colloquium Biblicum Lovaniense is an annual international conference on Biblical Studies jointly organised by the theological faculties of the Katholieke Universiteit Leuven and the Université Catholique de Louvain. The meetings take place in the Faculty of Theology and Religious Studies at the KU Leuven and are alternately dedicated to a topic in Old and in New Testament Studies. 

The Colloquium offers a forum and meeting place for research and scholarly discussion in the field of Biblical Studies. As a rule the annual conference focuses on a biblical book or a collection of writings, but it also addresses thematic subjects.

Programme design

  • 10 main papers by invited speakers; languages: French, German or English
  • 4 seminars conducted by invited speakers; languages: Dutch, French, German and English
  • about 20 short papers, selected from proposals by participants

Topic and Programme of the Conference in 2014

Colloquium Biblicum Lovaniense LXIII

The Books of Samuel | Stories - History - Reception History 

President: Walter Dietrich 
July 30 - August 1, 2014 

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Colloquium Biblicum Lovaniense LXIV 2015

New Perspectives on the Book of Revelation

President: Adela Yarbro Collins

July 23-25, 2015



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