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Faculty of Theology and Religious Studies

Study, education and academic research at the Faculty of Theology and Religious Studies, Catholic University Leuven, Belgium


Welcome to the Faculty of Theology and Religious Studies, which from its founding in 1432 has built a rich history and tradition. The Faculty focuses on training students and researchers in scientifically-based, and methodological reflection and application, where theology and religious studies mutually enrich one another. All of the Faculty's programmes are taught in both Dutch and English and are open to students of every nationality. The Faculty currently has students from more than sixty countries and thus from virtually every part of the globe.
Prospective students

The Faculty offers comprehensive programmes ranging from Bachelor to Master Studies to PhD work to students from every nationality. The Faculty is also authorised to deliver canonical degrees.

Student Programmes and Resources

INFORMATION on programmes, courses, the office of education, written work, forms and guidelines, ombuds, study advisor, faculty calendar, and more.

Doctoral Programme and Resources

INFORMATION on the Doctoral Committee and Regulations, the research secretariat, doctoral courses, doctoral defenses, forms, and more.


The Faculty can boast five Research Units entrusted with the teaching, research, and formation of research personnel.


The Maurits Sabbe Library is an internationally-renowned library, with more than 1,300,000 volumes and modern facilities.

International Relations

Internationalisation is regarded as crucial to the quality ofthe study programmes, the research, and as a social and ecclesiastical service.


INFORMATION (internal) on guidelines, phone numbers, log in and passwords, maps, templates, and more.


The Faculty has touched the lives of countless students, who are now working and teaching all over the world.